GazeTheWeb: A MAMEM prototype demonstation at the 30th anniversary of the EINST e.v. Koblenz

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the EINST e.v. (, the alumni of the computer science department of the University of Koblenz came together with not just its members but with all the current and former students, staff and faculty at Campus Koblenz premises on 30.04.2016. Along with multiple projects as part of the university, MAMEM was also presented at the event with a live demo of “Gaze the Web” application. GazeTheWeb prototype is designed to be used with eye-tracking device to support Web exploration without conventional keyboard-mouse input. The reactions of those who tried out the demo was not just positive but led to further discussions on how it could be implemented to help people in need. They tried to understand the objectivity of the complete MAMEM project and where this “GAZE the Web” fits in, and were very pleased with the outlines of the project and the demo