Software related to the project

Available software related to the MAMEM Project.
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Matlab toolbox that has been made public for suppring experimentation in EEG signals generated using a SSVEP-based protocol. It follows a modular architecture that allows the fast execution of experiments of different configurations with minimal adjustments of the code. The implemented experimental pipeline consist of five parts each of them receiving an input from the previous part and providing an output to the next part. These parts consists of: a) Preprocessing, b) Feature Extraction, c) Feature Selection, d) Classification and e) Evaluation.


eyeGUI library enables one to load, manipulate and render user interfaces for eyetracking input defined in xml files describing layouts. To use this library, there is a function based interface in a single header which requires the usage of C++11 and OpenGL 3.3 or higher. Layouts are thought as overlay for your specific application for interaction with the gaze input from an eyetracker, however one can create a whole application using layouts. For more information about usage, please visit the wiki!

GazeTheWeb – Browse

‘GazeTheWeb – Browse’ is an application interface that allows gaze controlled browsing of web pages. The application is based on the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF), and allows the users to operate a Web browsing environment using their eye movements. Essential features like tabbed browsing, scrolling, navigation and text input are functional in the current release. ‘GazeTheWeb – Browse’ analyzes the DOM tree structure to parse and display custom eyeGUI overlay which enables direct interaction with the webpage.

MAMEM Platform

MAMEM platform includes the necessary components for connecting sensor devices to the system and for collecting the generated signals in a synchronised manner. The supported sensor devices (EEG, Eye-tracking and GSR) constitute the base level of the platform and instructions on how to setup the system and install the SDKs of all different devices are included.

Prototype Interface Applications

A web app that leverages gamification techniques, to allow users familiarise with the use of an eye-tracker, as well as for learning how to use the GazeTheWeb-Browser. Persuasive design methodologies have been also employed in the development of these prototype interface applications.