Our paper on Error Related Potentials accepted in ACM Multimedia, The premium conference in Multimedia!

Our paper of Error Relates Potentials was accepted in the thematic workshops of the 25th ACM conference in Multimedia 2017 that will take place in California-USA and constitutes the premium conference in multimedia.

In particular, our study takes advantage of Error Related Potentials, a certain type of neurophysiological event associated with humans’ ability to observe and recognize erroneous actions, in order to improve SSVEP-based Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs). The Error Related Potentials serve as a passive correction mechanism that originates directly from the user’s brain. In this paper we propose a novel approach to spatial filtering, based on a supervised variant of Collaborative Representation Projections (CRP) offering a more discriminant representation of electroencephalography signals for detecting Error Related Potentials. This new approach enhances the detectability of Error Related Potentials by projecting the spatial information of signals into a new space where samples of the same class tend to form local neighborhoods. Moreover, the limitations under which the Error Related Potentials positively contribute to the performance of a SSVEP-based BCI are explored. For this reason we also provide a new methodology, namely Inverse Correct Response Time (ICRT), that reliably captures the trade-off, between the gain of the automated error detection and the induced time delay of a BCI system that potentially incorporates Error Related Potentials.