MAMEM Trials Phase I – Joyful experience for both subjects and experimenters

After a lot of preparations, tense discussions and over-night work, MAMEM trials for Phase I are now in their full deployment in both Greece and Israel. Having hosted in Thessaloniki almost all participants from the cohort of Parkinson Disease and just before moving to Athens for the cohort of Neuromuscular Disorders, we have already collected a number of interesting findings. On the one hand, we have come across cases where the eye-tracker does not succeed in capturing the gaze of the participant, cases where the EEG protocol is rather challenging to complete in its full scale, or even cases where psychological and medication reasons raise unexpected obstacles. On the other side, the game-like aspect of the procedure, the friendliness of the eye-tracker interface and the futuristic aspects of the EEG experiments have made almost all subjects to express their enthusiasm about the procedure of the trials. In addition, with the consent of the subjects we have made a number of shootings for creating a documentary video about MAMEM objectives and achievements. As a general conclusion, we have already collected (and will continue to do so) a great volume of synchronised signals through a joyful (to the extent possible) experience for both the subjects and the experimenters.