MAMEM presents its work in SfN’s 47th annual meeting in Neuroscience 2017

Our colleagues from SHEBA had the opportunity to present MAMEM’s work in SfN’s 47th annual meeting, Neuroscience 2017, which is the world’s largest neuroscience conference for scientists and physicians devoted to understanding the brain and nervous system.

More specifically, twenty individuals with PD (mean age:59.1±8.05 years) and eighteen with SCI (mean age:45.4±15.5years) were included in the study. Participants’ working habits with the computer were explored by means of a structured interview. For this interview, we adapted parts of the matching person and assistive technology questionnaire (MPT), to account for people with movement disabilities, and created a quantitative questionnaire, focused on the Contribution of the Computer to various aspects of Social Life.In addition, each participant was asked to define the three most important aspects. In parallel, the PD and SCI participants’ caregivers(20 and 11, respectively) were interviewed using the same method.

You can access the full list of our project’s publications here.